80,000 items from the Waldorf Astoria Hotel sell for $1.5M

Slide 1 of 44: The Waldorf Astoria Hotel raised $1.5million during its month-long auction of 80,000 items from its lavish interiors, including a table used by Cole Porter (pictured) that sold to a New York family for $18,000. The auction was held from October 17 to November 15 and in addition to items from the Porter suite, other pieces included grand pianos, chandeliers, 19th century French furniture and pieces from suites used by Edward VIII and Wallace Simpson and British Prime Minister Winston Churchill.
Slide 2 of 44: The Waldorf Astoria Hotel sale comes as the swanky hotel undergoes a $1billion renovation and all the proceeds will go to support the renovation of the exteriors and gardens of the St Bartholomew’s Church and Community House, a landmark located across the street from the hotel.
Slide 3 of 44: John Clark and his family (pictured) celebrated many Christmas dinners in the 6,000 square foot Cole Porter suite where the musician lived between 1934 and 1964. The winning bid was for $18,000 with an additional 20 per cent commission to Kaminski Auctions, the company that helped the owners of the hotel raise the money. 'The table is really special to us, and I am really happy that we are keeping it in the family,' Clark said.
Slide 4 of 44: Outside the suite is a plaque dedicated to the musician who wrote some of his most famous works while living at the Waldorf Towers.

Slide 5 of 44: Cole Porter pictured in October 1933. The Waldorf Astoria first opened its doors in 1931 in New York City and at the time was the largest and tallest hotel in the world. Today the hotel is still a treasure of the city, known for its original Art Deco design.
Slide 6 of 44: A marble top cabinet with porcelain medallions and intricate inlay designs, located in the Cole Porter Suite, was priced between $1,000 and $1,500 for the auction.
Slide 7 of 44: The Cole Porter suite: The American music composer and playwright lived at the Waldorf Towers from 1934 to 1964 in a sweeping 6,000-square-foot apartment.
Slide 8 of 44: A French burl wood serpentine front chest of drawers that is part of Cole Porter's suite is up for auction with an estimated worth between $800 and $1,200.
Slide 9 of 44: An oil portrait of George Washington on a horse by an unknown artist that Porter displayed in one of his rooms is estimated to be worth between $500 to $1,500.

Slide 10 of 44: A view of composer Cole Porter's 1907 Steinway grand piano on display at the Waldorf Towers. It is to be restored and placed back on display.
Slide 11 of 44: A plaque on the historic piano (pictured) explains how it was owned by Cole Porter in his music career.
Slide 12 of 44: For months the auction house worked tirelessly to catalogue all of the items, that were transported in 88 tractor trailers from the glamorous hotel (pictured) in New York City to the mall.
Slide 13 of 44: Duke and Duchess of Windsor Suite: Edward VIII and Wallis Simpson lived at the glamorous hotel as they engaged in the New York social scene following his abdication in 1936. The two stayed at the hotel’s royal suite on the 42nd floor, but were forced out to another apartment when Queen Elizabeth II arrived for her first state visit to the US in 1957. To make up for the inconvenience the hotel management offered to re-upholster the furniture and paint the apartment Simpson’s favorite shade of pale blue.
Slide 14 of 44: The Duke and Duchess stayed at the hotel between 1941 and 1961 and would primarily come into the city for the social season in the fall. The couple pictured entering the Waldorf Astoria hotel.

Slide 15 of 44: An overview of the expansive auction floor showed numerous items that would be sold during what CEO Frank Kaminski called 'a once-in-a-lifetime event'.
Slide 16 of 44: People looking at Needlepoint pug pillows featuring portraits of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor's favorite dogs from their Astoria Waldorf Suite.
Slide 17 of 44: Winston Churchill Suite: Former British Prime Minister Winston Churchill stayed at the hotel’s suite on the 39th floor during his visits to the US in the 1930s and after World War II. The sophisticated suite features wood-panel walls, red curtains and a grand piano.
Slide 18 of 44: The door to the Winston Churchill suite featuring a plaque emblazoned with his name on it is also for sale, estimated to be worth between $300 and $500.
Slide 19 of 44: Churchill (pictured) speaking at a banquet in his honor at the Waldorf Astoria hotel on March 15, 1946 where he said peace in the world depends upon the cooperation of Great Britain and the United States.
Slide 20 of 44: A view of the wood-panel and marble fireplace inside Churchill's suite above.
Slide 21 of 44: Red print curtains from Churchill's suite will also be on auction this month.
Slide 22 of 44: A 19th century bronze statue featuring Poseidon was taken from the Winston Churchill Suite and is being estimated for as much as $2,500.
Slide 23 of 44: Pictures snapped of Winston Churchill by a hotel staff photographers during his visits are being auctioned off for up to $300 each.
Slide 24 of 44: This 13-piece porcelain tea-set found in The Duke and Duchess of Windsor Suite will be featured in the auction with the estimated price ranged between $800 and $1,200.
Slide 25 of 44: These two needlepoint pillows of the Duke and Duchess of Windsor's favorite dogs (pictured) atop a beautifully adorned bench could cost up to $200 each.
Slide 26 of 44: The legendary and landmark hotel became a beacon of glamour and luxury where the world’s leaders and Hollywood’s elite stayed. The Waldorf Astoria first opened its doors in 1931 in New York City and at the time was the largest and tallest hotel in the world. A view of a black grand piano up for auction above.
Slide 27 of 44: In 1993 the city named the Waldorf Astoria - and its spectacular interiors - an official New York City landmark. A view of two upholstered ivory and wood chairs pictured up for auction.
Slide 28 of 44: Every president since Herbert Hoover has stayed here, including President Obama, who sleeps in the 35th floor Presidential Suite every time he’s in town. A view of an elegant table up for auction above.
Slide 29 of 44: The 80,000 items that were auctioned off in Massachusetts were lined up in front of storefronts and in walkways.
Slide 30 of 44: A man is seen browsing through items at the Waldorf Astoria auction in the one-million-square-foot Silver City Galleria mall in Massachusetts last month.
Slide 31 of 44: Some iconic items, such as the Spirit of Achievement statue that graces the Park Avenue entrance, the 1893 World’s Fair Clock (above) which anchors the central lobby, Porter’s Steinway grand piano, a John F. Kennedy Rocking Chair will be restored and put back on display at the hotel.
Slide 32 of 44: One of the most expensive items on auction is this Steinway and Sons baby grand black ebonized piano that was housed in the Saudi Arabian Suite at the hotel. The auction site estimates it will go for $5,000 to $8,000.
Slide 33 of 44: This Philadelphia Chippendale-style Mahogany wardrobe is estimated to bid for $3,500 - $5,500.
Slide 34 of 44: A pair of French Empire style black and gold bench seat with leopard print upholstery that were featured in the Cole Porter room are estimated to bid for $500 - $700.
Slide 35 of 44: A French gilt and white painted console table with marble top (pictured) went on sale.
Slide 36 of 44: These orange upholstered chairs are one of the thousands of elegant items that went up for sale in the auction.
Slide 37 of 44: The Waldorf has also featured in countless movies including Scent Of A Woman, Coming To America and the 1945 Ginger Rogers film Week-End at the Waldorf. A view of an ornate gold mirror up for auction above.
Slide 38 of 44: Elaborate crystal chandeliers from the lavish hotel are also up for auction, worth thousands of dollars a piece. The chandelier pictured here is valued at $1,300.
Slide 39 of 44: In all items from 142 suites, including the Windsor Suite, the Presidential Suite, and the Royal Suite. Art, chandeliers, and décor from the famous Bull and Bear bar, La Chine restaurant, and Peacock Alley, were up for bidding.
Slide 40 of 44: A view of a chair at the Bull and Bear restaurant housed inside the hotel up for auction pictured above.
Slide 41 of 44: Furniture pieces from the restaurant's famed Bull and Bear restaurant went up for sale.
Slide 42 of 44: The sale comes as the swanky hotel undergoes a $1billion renovation and all the proceeds will go to support the renovation of the exteriors and gardens of the St. Bartholomew’s Church and Community House, a landmark located across the street from the hotel.
Slide 43 of 44: Items from bedrooms like this at the hotel were up for sale during the month long auction.
Slide 44 of 44: The bidding was led by Kaminski Auctions and thousands of items from the hotel’s golden age  was up for grabs during the sale.
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